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Any Painting Contractor that is a member of the PDCA is one that had put his foot forward to continued education and advocacy of his own Industry. There are few better ways to improve your business model, reputation within a market, and understanding of a customer base than to be a member of a group of people who truly care about their Industry and strive to no other end but to make it a superior end product for the consumer base, residential or commercial.

Why Should a Business or a Homeowner Hire a PDCA Contractor? Let’s Review a Few Reasons:
  1. Hiring someone who keeps up with the most current standards of the Industry and continues to educate themselves and their people in that regard can only mean you are dealing with a more quality-minded and better run Company. Isn’t that what you want out of the gate anyways when receiving bids?
  2. Contractors who are current on the newest and best products available for YOUR PROJECT are going to provide you with a better specification and a more superior end result.
  3. Contractors who are affiliated with a group of their peers have indicated a genuine interest in the overall betterment of their industry as a whole. These Painters are going to be a far superior pool of talent to evaluate for your project vs. those who are not.
  4. Safety– Painters who are members of the PDCA have insurance group rates available, ongoing safety training, Safety Committees, and can even attend CPR Certification classes. From this group, a consumer will more likely be protected from on-site injury than that of any other for sure. PDCA Contractors are just flat going to be safer to be in your home or business and are more likely to have proper insurance in place from the beginning.
  5. Professionalism and attention to detail– A large part of the education process of being a Painter member of the PDCA is learning how to provide detailed and professional estimates so that there are no misunderstandings between parties when a contract is enacted.
  6. More Accurate Estimates– PDCA has a group of Estimating Time Standards available to all Painters who are members of the PDCA & ongoing seminars, speakers, and classes throughout the yr. to assist in providing you with a more accurate estimate. Better accuracy means you have happy Painters on the job performing your work towards realistic time goals established and set by these very important Standards. This ongoing benefit is invaluable to even long-standing members as a great resource to refer to for unique or difficult applications, even if they have their own software or estimating techniques.
  7. You will likely be dealing with a more Sustainable Business– By Dealing with a PDCA Contractor you will likely be eliminating your “fly by night” sort of Companies. You want to deal with Companies that are going to be around and are supporting business models that will show support to their Client Bases and Warranties for years to come.

When looking for Painters amongst hundreds in a City there has to be some way to differentiate who to ask to your home or business. Are they a member of the BBB? What is their Service Record? What are their references? How have they proven their Track record in some way? Are they registered with the Secretary of State or have a License where required by state law? And lastly, IS YOUR PAINTER A MEMBER OF THE PDCA? Education, Quality, and Trust. Painters who Paint right for the right reasons! Contact your local PDCA Chapter website for a selection of Quality Contractors to choose from in your area.

Serving the Areas of Denver, Boulder, Highland Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Littleton, Lakewood, Greenwood Village, Parker, Arvada, Golden, Westminster, Thornton, North Glen, Castle Rock, Longmont, Englewood, Aurora