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Many Handyman Companies do many Assorted # of  Services which can seem attractive and flexible on the front end as you look to establish a relationship with someone to take care of all your “Honey Do’s” around your house or Business. The Question really becomes are you looking at a “Remodeling Business” or a Handyman Service?….. and which one of these does this Company really excel at. The Best Companies in Industry focus on defining who they are and setting forth a process that best serves their Client Base. This is what makes any Company “Good to Great”. Segregating a Business Model into 2 or 3 different divisions with their own support systems is the best way to diversify and do so successfully. It’s like a Restaurant that has a huge Menu. Are they really good at any one of the items on the Menu? ….. or have they separated the Menu into separate manageable sections and give themselves a better chance of excelling at all of them.

Window Replacement- Vinyl Window- The Right Options

Replacing Vinyl Windows and looking for the right type and features that fit your needs can be challenging. There are some core features that you should look for in a good window. The first, a Strong Frame that has good Core Strength, Support Chambers, and will not sag. The Second in the Intercept System which is what the Glass is attached to. A foam Intercept System that will move well with Temperature and does not conduct Cold or Heat is one of the best. Third, a quality glass package is a must. A Lo-e Squared or cubed which is Silver Oxide Cross Hatched on the Third Surface of the Double Pane glass facing to the outside of the Window. This will maximize the reflection of heat back out of the House and provides for better insulation properties. Lastly, an extruded metal frame for your screens would be advisable over a rolled formed standard alum. More durable, less likely to bend or break.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

The greatest added value to your home is remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms. Granite countertops over acrylic, laminate, or even Man-Made stone products would be advisable and are most desirable for resale. Removing Box Lights to kitchens is also a great upgrade. Adding depth and height to cabinets is something to consider as a complete upgrade and Replacing your cabinets should be priced out vs. Re-facing when very often re-facing can be more expensive providing less bang for your buck. Upgrade your sinks and vanities and always include attractive hardware to either. A porcelain tile upgrade to your shower or floor is a definite attractive Option. Steam showers & jetted tubs can also be fun and make your home more attractive. Upgrading toilets at modest costs would also be a good choice. Add bankable value to your home with great upgrades to both of these key areas to your home and reap the benefits of greater comfort, happiness now, and positive future value.

Screen Replacement

Screens are easy to have repaired. Don’t feel helpless like there is no one to turn to. Most of your local hardware stores like Ace will re-screen for roughly $10.00 or so per Screen. Stay with the Fiberglass Mesh even though the Alum. Mesh is more durable, it will crease easier and not flex back leaving unsightly indentations.

Carpentry- Repairing Dry Rot

Exterior carpentry can be essential to the successful completion of a paint project. It is essential that dry rot is removed as it is a Fungus and moves into Boards Parrell, behind or next to the rotted surface. Dry is caused by moisture being trapped in an area and not naturally evaporating creating a fungus that compromises and eats away the integrity of the wood surface. Caulking over or patching dry rot just makes to grow faster as fungus will cultivate even faster when locked into a warmer, moist area. This condition is especially common for the Northern Exposures to home and again must be removed as soon as is possible to avoid any Structural to addl. damage to other adjacent areas.

Home Remodeling

In-home remodeling such as replacing Base Boards, adding the crown, and or upgrading doors can require more Skill then you might expect. Doors often have to be cut to the opening as many openings are not square. New hardware often has to be installed and can be tricky and time-consuming. Crown requires special carpentry skills for corner cuts and strategic placement of Seams. Proper installation of the Base to Hardwood Floors and to steps can be key to a final finished look. Properly assessing the pitch of a floor and how it will look with the New Base can really make the difference.

Interior Painting- Cutting in Those Clean Lines

Creating clean Lines from the Transition Point for Ceiling to Wall is often how a good or great Interior Paint Job is Determined. Caulking and Blue Taping this transition Point is key to a successful effort in this regard. The Tape Line is laid down, Caulked and the Paint is cut into the Tape, rolled out to the Cut, and then pulled. If the Caulked Tape line is left and later Removed, you will often have to scour the transition point with an Ofla Knife and then pull the tape which is much more difficult.

Exterior Painting- Swollen Siding

Most often to North and sometimes East Exposures to Homes you will see Siding Swell and Delaminate as these Elevations accumulate Moisture,  Ice Dam, and just generally have issues with Water not evaporating Naturally. This causes more swelling, Nail Pop, and Dry Rot in General. As moisture wicks up into the siding it will Swell, Warp and Delaminate. Proper Scraping, Primer, and Paint to these Areas are key to avoiding further Damage and having to replace the siding. Once the siding Splits badly to the Middle, you will have no choice but to replace the Siding as a Split cannot be effectively Caulked. The freeze, thaw cycles will just cause the caulk to twist, turn, become unsightly and again expose this area to more moisture.

Exterior Paint- Mildew

Very often Mildew will set in on a North or East side of a House or on a Deck. This is caused by Moisture not evaporating therefore creating Mildew. Mildew is dark Black or Gray spots and Paint will not adhere properly to it. It must be removed with 50/50mix of Bleach and Water thru a Garden Sprayer and then Power Washed. The Bleach and Water kill the Mildew on Contact. This condition is common after a particularly wet Winter or a wet summer.

Exterior Painting- Warped Siding

The condition of Warping to Siding is Common for South and West Exposures. This is caused by Moisture Content accumulating in the boards naturally and the Sun Baking the siding causing a Warping effect. This cannot be nailed or screwed down to flatten out these areas. This just causes additional Damage and warping. Very often this condition can be arrested by proper application of Paint to the Bottom Edge or lip of the siding Board. This condition is even commonly seen with James Hardy Concrete Board Siding as well, especially at higher altitudes. The only way to cosmetically improve the look of warped Siding is to replace it. Otherwise, proper prep and quality Paint will suffice.

Exterior Painting- Nail Pop

Nail Pop is caused by moisture getting behind a Countersunk Nail and the Freeze, thaw cycles causing the Nail to eventually protrude out from the House. This is why appreciably countersunk nails greater than a ¼” need to be caulked in. In addition, Nails that are re-set and there is nothing for the Nail to re-set into the need to be pulled and the hole should be Caulked. You should never over caulk Nail Heads however as they will flash thru the Paint and causing an Unsightly final finished product. Absolutely never be impressed or talked into caulking all the Nailheads on your home or intentionally countersinking nails.

Custom Kitchen- Controlling the Emotional Roller Coaster

What would you do to survive the emotional roller coaster of a Custom Kitchen Remodel Project?  Well, quality onsite management or a lead Carpenter is key. A Clear understanding of what the Kitchen will look like via a set of agreed-upon plans and an established meeting of the minds between the Remodeler and the Client once a Week. A project booklet outlining the Project, documenting Change orders, delays, and product changes will all contribute to a better flow, understanding of expectations, and a happier end result.

Floor Installation- Wood Laminate Hardwoods

Installing a quality Hardwood Floor can dramatically transform a Home into something truly exciting and special. When doing so, consider a wood laminate Hardwood Surfaces as a great reasonably priced option. They come prefinished, install faster, have no sweat in time, and are more durable for areas like an office or even a Kitchen. However, be aware that often they will have a shorter life as you can sand and refinish them maybe once in their lifetime due to thinner overall wood surface to the top layer of the floor.

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