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Remodeling- The Emotional Roller Coaster

Remodeling is an emotional Roller Coaster. Be prepared for things to go great and then for some sort of bump in the road as it were. Maybe something is back-ordered or someone does not show up when expected, etc.  A proper communication process and project organization help smooth out this ride for sure. Always give you’re Contractor an opportunity to make things right for you and all good companies will I can assure you.  All Changes to a project should be documented and signed off on whether there is an additional cost or not and these change orders should be available for review at any time. Scheduled Regular meetings and positive interaction with your Onsite Crew Leader or Project Manager are also key to a successful and happy conclusion to any project.

Painters- Good to Great

What makes a Painter not so good to something great? Quite simply doing the little things that others will not, allot of pride and caring more about the end result.  Giving that extra effort to cover that couch, floor, or appliance just a little better with Plastic or Film goes a long way and takes just minutes to do it.  Protecting and Honoring a home or business should be a basic characteristic that all Great Painters should have. Communicating with a Client what is happening; being available to answer questions and establishing a level of trust w/ a genuine effort of craftsmanship are all key elements towards being a great painter. Contractors that hire these sort of Painters and provide a consistency that a consumer can count on is what makes a Painting Company something special.

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