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Stellar Spring Painting Tips

How do you know when your property is ready for exterior painting?

There are many conditions to a Property that would indicate that it is time to consider a re-paint. These are some of the principal signs you might see that would assist you to make that decision:

  1. Wax Bleed – This is a condition that is most common to the West and South Side of Structures or Homes with Masonite Siding. It is also very common with Overhead Garage Doors. There is a Wax Content that exists in this Pressboard type Material that is drawn to the Surface by the Sun once the Paint is Weathered away and all that is left to the surfaces of the Siding board is Pigment or Coloration. This often will appear as a “greasy or waxy” Spot to the affected area and must be thoroughly Power Washed & Encapsulated with an Oil Base Primer prior to Finish Paint to avoid Failure.  
  2. Dry Rot– This is a condition that arises due to the often unimpeded infiltration of water to a Board where moisture is trapped and causes a Fungus to set in, cultivate and grow side to side or in behind the affected area. It must be removed or it could cause substantial structural damage. You can often just push your finger right thru this type of damage and just patching over or caulking in Dry Rot will only cause further damage and do so in an accelerated way. This is why a Good Quality Elastomeric Caulk should always be used to open Voids that will flex with temperatures and keep moisture out of Points of Entry to surfaces to be painted.
  3. Swollen, Warped, Split, or Blackened Bottom of Edges/Lips to Siding Boards- The Bottom Lip or Edge of Masonite Siding on especially the North Side will Swell, Blacken and Split. This area needs to be Scraped to ensure Removal of any Loose, Failing Paint, and then primed with and Oil base Primer. If the Bottom Lip actually Splits down the Middle and Separates then the Board will need to be replaced. You cannot caulk a severe split to the edge of a siding board.  The siding on the East, West and especially South Side will Warp and this is where a good quality Paint will make the difference when sealing the bottom of the Lap Board to further arrest this condition. Severe Splitting to Cedar Siding and/or Trim will indicate a need for a Re-Staining or Re-protecting. Concrete Hardboard will Warp naturally due to the Severe Heat and Cold here in Colorado and at some point will need to be re-protected with Paint.
  4. Chalking- This is Again Most Common on the West and South Facing Elevations of your Property. Your Layer of Protection or the Paint again has weathered away and you can just run your hand across the Surface and the Pigment or Color will simply wipe off and remain on your Hand.
  5. Mildew- Caused by the accumulation of water to the North Elevation of a Property and can be seen as small black dots. It must be treated with a 50/50 mix of water and bleach and power washed prior to the application of paint to avoid future failure to this area.
  6. Fading- The UV in Colorado is Severe and will damage most any color over time. All elevations to a Property will fade differently making touching up after even a year or so nearly impossible. All Surfaces including metal or vinyl siding, Stucco, and Hardi-board Surfaces will need to be re-painted at some point because of this naturally occurring condition.
  7. Cracking & Staining to Stucco Surfaces- Cracks to Stucco must be bridged with a Quality Elastomeric Coating that will expand and contract over this surface. Once the crack opens up to the point where it cannot be Bridged then it must be re-finished with Stucco Aggregate corner to corner and this can be very costly. A good quality Elastomeric Coating will also resist further staining from pollution and run-off that if so common with Stucco. Standard Exterior Acrylic Paints do not bridge cracks to stucco!

These are all things that should be considered when reviewing the cost and expectations of any Painting Project. It is important to note that no matter what the condition a building is in, good prep, good paint, and great people will make all the difference. Please call Stellar Custom Painting for additional info. or a free consultation and estimate at 720-981-7827

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